Player Q&A with Forrest Smith


Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Dana Point, California.Forrest Smith - LV Mobsters

What position are you? 

This season I will play either forward up top or right back.

Who was your favorite player growing up? 

Growing up I was influenced by so many great players it would be hard to choose just one. My club coach used to have me watch George Best, Ferenc Puskas, Dennis Bergkamp, and Jurgen Klinsmann. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play with Jurgen Klinsmann on the Orange County Blue Star Team in 2003. It was an incredible experience to be able to play with an athlete of his caliber who I had idolized as a kid. He was there to witness one of my most memorable goals and that is a feeling I will never forget.

What is the best part about playing for the Mobsters?

The best part about playing for the Mobsters is hands down the coaching staff. Paul and Ronny are both world class coaches and I am beyond grateful to be able to play for them and learn from them. In addition to the coaching staff, it is my Mobster teammates that have made this experience so enjoyable and memorable. Although I am nearing the end of my career I am still very passionate about this sport. Being able to help mentor the younger guys on the team and give them advice on their careers is priceless to me. We have so much young talent on this team and it is my goal to use my past experience to help advance these athletes to their ultimate goal of playing professional.

What is your hidden talent? 

I was fortunate enough to grow up with the beach as my backyard and therefore my hidden talent is surfing.

What can we expect from the Mobsters in the upcoming season?

Winning games, period. We will take the lessons learned from last year and start this season off with winning momentum. We need to focus on those early wins in the beginning that will create the positive momentum we need to carry throughout the rest of the season.

Go-to karaoke song? 

I’m awful at singing but If I could pick a song it would be: AC/DC, Back in Black or the Rolling Stones, Paint is Black.

Any nicknames the fans should be aware of? 

Toward the end of the season Paul gave me the nickname:  “Rottweiler”, I guess because I play like a dog and am always going for the ball.  Also, when I trialed in the UK they called me the “Horse”.

What are your long term career goals in soccer?

Las Vegas is a soccer city, it just isn’t aware of it’s potential yet. I want to focus on giving back to the city and the game that have given me so much and that I love. The best way I know how to do this is by winning and bringing a winning tradition to Vegas. My goal would be to see the Mobster’s become a dominate team in the PDL. In which, pro teams start looking at Vegas more for players to pick up.  Also, I would love to see a pro team in Vegas in the near future, which would be great for the Vegas soccer community and give these young kids something to inspire to play for.

– Where can people follow you on social media?
*   IG: ForrestMSmith
*   Twitter: @ForrestMSmith