Player Q&A with Goalkeeper Alex Clewis

We take a few moments to check in with Alex Clewis and ask him some questions so fans can get to know him.

1. Where do you go to college?

Notre Dame De Namur


2 What is your primary position?



3. Why did you choose the Mobsters?

Coach recommended me and it’s a great opportunity to play for a team trying to really get its name out there.


4. Best achievement or moment on the soccer pitch?

Saving the pk this last season late 2nd half in one of my first games for my school and going on to win 1-0.


5. What fans expect from you on the field?

Loud voice organizing and consistent performances


6. Favorite famous Puerto Rican?

J Lo no question


7. Expectations for the season, personal or team goal?

To make playoffs


8. What will you miss most while in Vegas this summer?

Have to be my girlfriend and my mom


9. Go to pre game pump up song?

All the above by maino


10. Any nicknames the supporters should know?