To All Prospective Recruits:

If you think enjoying a summer in Las Vegas while furthering your soccer career sounds like an amazing time, then you’re right! The fun and excitement that surrounds Las Vegas is unparalleled, and anyone who has spent significant time here will tell you the same. We expect our athletes to have the best possible experience both on and off the field and create memories for a lifetime. But make no mistake, the athletes’ first goal is to behave and train like professionals. The PDL is essentially a showcase for the MLS (More than 70% of MLS players drafted have PDL experience), and any athlete who is not interested in being a “star of tomorrow” should look elsewhere. The Las Vegas Mobsters will facilitate an environment for all of its athletes to achieve the maximum development, showcase their talents for the professional level and assist with opening doors to professional clubs. Simply put, for the professionally aspiring athlete a roster spot with the Las Vegas Mobsters is an unmatched opportunity. If the aforementioned sounds appealing to you then take the next step and fill out a recruit questionnaire and review our tryout information (links are provided below). We look forward to seeing you on the pitch!


Tyler Scull
General Manager, Las Vegas Mobsters

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